Deconstruct to Reconstruct

We help organisations rethink their approach to business
by using our ecosystem mapping method called Deconstruct to Reconstruct.

Markets are complex and adaptive systems and not rigid value chains.
Businesses that get it more right than wrong are adaptive; they have a rare ability to constantly reconfigure their supply side basis the constantly evolving demand side and create seamless access.

Access is the new challenge; not just physical and economic access, but also intellectual and social.

Making sense of the world that the consumer lives in, requires an understanding of sociocultural systems. And that requires culture-mapping tools that businesses haven’t used yet.

Deconstruct to Reconstruct is a systems thinking approach that helps business leaders reimagine the whole system – demand side, supply side and access, block by block. This helps them arrive at a future-core that is not just compelling but also enduring; and a roadmap to make it happen.

Challenging Mental Models

Mental Models are algorithms of the mind.
They are deep rooted thinking constructs that govern the way we make meaning and make choices.

We inherit some and build some; at the end of the day most of us operate with similar mental models. While they help us make quick decisions when faced with everyday issues, they come in the way of breakthrough thinking.

Incumbents often remain trapped in their industry mental models
till a challenger arrives and disrupts the industry.

Small shifts at the mental model level have the potential to create disproportionate impact.

As part of the Deconstruct to Reconstruct method, together with the leadership team, we not only map the industry ecosystem, we also identify the current mental model boundaries that the industry has been trapped within.

The organisation uses this as a thinking canvas to arrive at its core purpose, identifies opportunity unlocks that it is uniquely placed to leverage and charts a step-change roadmap.