The large, hierarchy based, rigid organization that uses machines and men working like machines to produce more of the same product, is way past its use by date. There is a new kind of organization that is being born. And this new species is not just reimagining their respective industries, it is reimagining work and life.

Unlike the large corporate which is built around predictability, this new age organization is built around emergence. It is purposed, structured and run very differently.

Again, unlike the large corporate that rewarded man to be what he naturally isn’t – machine-like, the new age organisation loves the man as he is – one who lives his being. Each one a unique bundle of traits, guided by his unique living philosophy.

Primalise helps organisations (business, social and governance) re-envision and work towards a meaningful future by re-anchoring themselves to their primality.

Collectively, the primalise team brings together years of experience from research and practice. We have been working with and studying different kinds of organisations – the large and medium sized business organisations, social organisations, educational institutions and startups.

Primalise approach enables organisations to:

Re-envision Future: take a perspective building step back, reflect and build a compass that enables them to make meaningful choices – both, long term and short term

Refocus Efforts: Develop strategy/innovation roadmap that isn’t stuck in the current rut.

Reimagine the Organisation: Reimagine the core WHY (Purpose), the core WHAT (Offerings – products, services), the core HOW (Organisation, ecosystem structure, Culture)