Primalise helps organisations reimagine themselves to achieve enduring relevance.

Our Reconstruct to Deconstruct method helps the client map the industry ecosystem, identify the current mental model boundaries that the industry has been trapped within.

Using this as a thinking canvas, the organisation arrives at its core purpose, identifies the opportunity unlocks that it is uniquely placed to leverage and charts a step-change roadmap.

Primalise approach enables organisations to:

Re-envision Future: take a perspective building step back, reflect and build a compass that enables them to make meaningful choices – both, long term and short term

Refocus Efforts: Develop strategy/innovation roadmap that isn’t stuck in the current rut.

Reimagine the Organisation: Reimagine the core WHY (Purpose), the core WHAT (Offerings – products, services), the core HOW (Organisation, ecosystem structure, Culture)

Primalise Interventions 
An end-to-end intervention is 9 weeks long, where we work with the client’s team at every stage. The interventions involves 1-on-1 meetings, small group sessions, workshops and in-context insighting. Short interventions could be 2-day or even a daylong workshop. The shortest is the keynote/talk that inspires and equips the team to attempt a step-change.

Short Sessions (0.5 – 1-Day Session)

Innovation at the Fuzzy Front End – Innovation Keynote
The method to the magic of unlocking the next big opportunity
Inspiring Innovation trigger for your leadership / strategy teams or offsite. Designed to inspire, equip (with tools) and help apply them to your work.

SYNC – Ideas at the Cusp
Insight jam sessions with internal and external thought leaders. SYNC is triggered at the confluence of diverse fields. Fresh ideas emerge at the cusp. This is a short and snappy insight jam format. Usually works well with a keynote or else three or four 15-minute syncs.

The BigUnstuck
A sessions designed to get the stuck innovation projects moving or to accelerate the slow ones. Organisations use it to crack their stubborn challenges. The session involves invited domain and lateral experts cracking the problem synchronously.

Long Interventions (1 – 9 weeks; or longer)

FutureCore – Revitalising current core, Creating Future Core
Interventions designed to arrive at a compelling future-focused core purpose and roadmap for the group, organisation and/or brand (beyond Mission/Vision).

StepChange – Deconstruct to Reconstruct
Interventions designed to help the organisation conceive the next product, process, business model, ecosystem or innovation that will cause an Industry, Category or Business Step-Change.

In-Context Insighting – Cultural Immersion
The secret sauce of organisations who know how to lead by design, is their ability to generate insights that truly matter. Primalise anchors a series of insight meetings together with the client team members in representative geographies. The team visits and engages with edgy consumers and experts from within and outside the industry. Concluding with synthesis of insights.

The team maps the sociocultural system of the category. Social, Physical and Mental artefacts related to it; and the semiotics of it. The team also arrives at the opportunity unlock that the client is uniquely placed to lead.