Reva Malik

Co-founder, Primalise; Reva’s area of work and interest is in developing methodologies and processes that are inspired by natural systems.

She has been involved in initiatives on rethinking and re-envisioning learning spaces; research and revival of natural/ indigenous processes of knowing and learning and looking at learning beyond educational institutions and curriculums.

She draws her learnings from having worked in the education sector, in urban and rural spaces as well as her ongoing study and practice in process work.

Ranjan Malik

Co-founder, Primalise; Ranjan has spent significant time studying and working on how systems work; especially sociocultural systems. First a decade in the communication industry and then a decade and a half as an innovation speaker, writer and facilitator. He has created methodologies that help not just decode and map the hidden structures and patterns in a system but also design and reimagine them.

Besides innovation, he has a keen interest in the area of design and sits on Design Award juries. He has been expressing his point of view through talks and keynotes; and also articles in various publications.

More details and published work, here

Geeta Prabhu

Geeta works with people at different life stages – children, adolescents and adults. She has practiced and contributed to creating innovative learning methodologies. She is keenly involved in studying and practicing Process Work facilitation in different settings, helping create spaces for personal growth and community building.

Geeta has also been studying and using expressive art and creative movement interventions to enable children and adolescents not just take keen interest in but also take charge of their own learning.

Nipun Kapur

Being born to academician parents, growing up in Roorkee, a small town on the foothills of Himalayas and later formally researching mathematical modelling of earth systems to earn his Ph.D at IIT Roorkee, Nipun very naturally lives and works in the interesting cusp of math, science and humanities.

His explorations in this cusp made him choose occupations and assignments that enriched his thinking – from GE to CoreLogic to Cognizant; from IT projects to heading data analytics; and working and living across cultures. He summarises his thinking this way: all living and non-living things are part of the same system. Individual beings, as the part of this bigger system, are more similar than dissimilar. Ultimately trying to figure out and attain a congruence with self and the system.

Bidisha Roy Das

Dinesh Francis

Suresh Kumar