Primalise was conceived with an intent to help organisations reconnect with their core essentials, create their own meaning-making, choice-making compass and chart a roadmap to a meaningful future.


Living your Being

Based on the principle of ‘living your being’, we have developed an approach that enables organisations to re-envision their future by re-anchoring themselves to their core essentials; it involves entities first making sense of the business and sociocultural systems they are (or want to be) part of and then arriving at the role that they are uniquely placed to play.

The Risk of Irrelevance

Looking at the society as a collective of consumers that need to be decoded and targeted in order to capture market share is a very transactional approach to building organisations; one that keeps organisations in constant fear of losing relevance.

Organisations that achieve enduring relevance are built and run differently. They are:

  • Adaptive, and not rigid: ecosystems are complex and adaptive; organisations that are subsystems of these ecosystems can’t be rigid if they wish to remain relevant.
  • Built to deliver emergence, not just predictability: organisations that are built around predictability fight all forms of uncertainties, even those that will help them find new relevance. Organisations designed to leverage emergence evolve in unanticipated ways.
  • Meaningful, and not transactional: Organisations that aren’t anchored around a meaningful purpose lose direction and become insecure and transactional
  • Congruent, and not exploitative: Enduring organisations have congruence at their core. They are in perpetual pursuit of congruence with their purpose; exploitative organisations try to exploit the ecosystem they are part of; they compete to exploit.