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  1. Realizing Primalise:
    The concept of Primalise which defines wellbeing of an individual has critical two-way causal relationship with the person’s decisions and choices. The concept goes beyond the Happiness index and keeps the individual at the centre point. Thus, defining the congruence as defined by the individual rather than an absolute truth (an enigma and abstract). Enabling incorporation of the relativity aspect of individual perception of truth and his / her view of the world. Further, with individual at the centre, the decision taken are truly custom decisions including those of design thinking for offerings and products.
    With above approach an individual becomes a distinguishable part of the system rather than the law of averages. Towards measuring or quantifying the impact of the offerings on congruence – by & for (user, designer), requires a transformation from individual’s qualitative world view to a quantified world view. Typically done at the sub-system level designed using purpose and goals.
    With new age technologies like big data, capturing congruence at individual level is a doable reality. And with quantifiable approach, deviations of not only the system or sub-systems but even individuals can be captured and analysed. Giving organizations complete visibility to the granular most levels hence providing a capability of not only improving the wellbeing of the employee(s) but even improving the offering design and making the user (customer) a more congruent and content person.

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