Reva Jhingan Malik

Reva’s interest and work involves making sense of sociocultural systems and natural processes. Over the last decade she has focused on understanding the Living-Learning-Livelihood system; and the elegant synergies between the three components. She has worked with organisations that have focused on natural systems, natural learning and individual & collective behaviour. Her endeavour has been to bring to attention the commonly accepted yet unseen structures and processes that dictate the way we progress. Decoding natural processes and primal instincts for inspiration has been her focus.

Reva’s views have been published in Times of India, Mint, South China Morning Post and Business World and other platforms.

Reva Jhingan Malik is also known as Reva Malik

Ranjan Malik

Innovation speaker, specialist and writer

Innovation and Design award jury member – India Design Mark, Lexus Design Award, NASSCOM Design Award Juries. Innovation for India Awards, Tata Innovation awards & Forbes Global Innovation awards. He created the Storm the Norm method for Innovation and Primalise approach to ecosystem design.

Ranjan has written for publications like The Economic Times, Mint, The Huffington Post, The Hindu, DNA, Business World and some others.